Confession time… I ate sourdough bread again and I liked it!

Sourdough bread has always been my favorite type of bread. Especially when it’s toasted, covered in butter and some Brie cheeses.. 🤤

The problem is Lovey and I have been gluten-free for over four years. Sourdough has wheat in it to make this delicious bread. 😭

I recently found an article about how sourdough bread is less of a problem for people that have gluten sensitivities.. 🤔

The article is titled “How Sourdough Bread Is Helping People Eat Gluten Again”.


Uhm hello carb loving fat kid jumping for joy in my head.

We searched Whole Foods for fresh baked that had sourdough starter in the ingredients as all commercial breads made in the store did not. We feared if it wasn’t made with the sourdough starter we’d have some tummy problems.

I’m happy to report we ate the whole loaf, mind you not all at once but over the week, and we had no issues.

This will not be an everyday occurrence but we will buy it again and be happy campers eating real bread!! We may even venture out to make our own one day!


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