Dear Vegas, Thank you but I’m still tired a week later..

My sissy and I drove to Vegas last Friday, after about a 5 hour drive, a few potty stops, we arrived at The Venetian to meet one of our other friends.

Hello luxury hotel with paintings on the ceilings, high end stores, yummy places to eat, ringing winning slot machines and the most beautiful room.

We checked in and strolled around while waiting for our other friend who arrived a bit later.

Four lovely ladies were welcomed to Las Vegas for our Best friends Weekend with a glorious 50 minute massage each. They gave us slippers and a robe which made me feel all fancy and we were all well rested after. Talk about loose muscles and Massage brain!

We had a quick bite to eat which wasn’t too hard to find gluten free, took a ride on the gondola and played some slots then headed off to bed well after 1am!

The next day was a day of more shopping, exploring the strip, long catch up chats followed by dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant! We met up with our long time guy bestie for a lovely birthday dinner celebration. It was so pretty sitting near the windows then heading up to the top of the tower to look out over the city.

We had more long time catch up chats, slot machine fun, shopping and strolling around. Of course another late night. I’m certain we did about 17,0000 steps!

Chocolate is a migraine trigger for me but you better believe I tried a small spoonful of that deliciousness right there!

My sissy and I drove home early Sunday morning so she could catch her flight back to her family.

I’m still feeling the highs and being a little slower in Las Vegas a week later.. I guess this is what it feels like to be almost forty! I took care of my myself and checked in with sissy to let her know when I got tired or felt like I needed a quick rest. My autoimmune disease may have hindered me slightly but that B didn’t win the weekend, I did!


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