I feel like an orphaned patient…

“Dear Valued Patient,

Thank you for being a patient. It is with mixed emotions that I write to inform you that, effective immediately, Dr H. has left our practice.”

My mixed emotions were off the charts…

I couldn’t believe it, tears streaming down my face and snotting into my loving fiancé’s shirt.

What in the?! He’s my most favorite man on the planet! Wait, oh my god, who will take care of me? Its been almost 9 years with him, he knows everything from the beginning, I can’t start over from scratch!

Then my research brain kicked in and I googled his name. Thank you universe for the interwebs; he just moved to a new provider! Whew! The tears of joy flooded..

I had to request my records to be forwarded to them and I’m now awaiting for the scheduling assistant to call back to schedule an appointment with their office.

If you’re just starting out or in the middle of your treatments, I hope you find your most favorite neurologist and can hang on to them.

Much love to you all in these uncertain times.

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