I still feel like an orphaned patient…

It’s been over 3 weeks since I requested my old office to send my records to the new office.

I know the new office has my records because I called them last week to confirm but I have to wait for the Dr to review and a scheduling coordinator to call me. They have 72 hours to get back to me but it’s been over a week and by my calculations that’s 120 hours – 5 long business days…

I don’t want to be pushy but my prescription for my medication is about to expire.. The old office was a little rude when I told them I’d be leaving them to follow my Dr who I have been with for Nine years so who knows if they put the request for an additional 30 days as a “courtesy”.

I still have not gotten a call back for an appointment at the new office so I called them. They have all my information but said they reviewed it and my Dr is not taking new patients. Uh excuse me, I’ve been his patient for nine, I repeat nine years. I was almost in tears with my fiancĂ© standing over me about to go off on her. Well ma’am you are new to this office. Obviously still feel like I was about to cry. I’ve never felt helpless with this disease or out of control minus when I was first experiencing symptoms.

A silver lining is I was able to order my prescription and it looks like it doesn’t expire for a year so that may be interesting next month for my refill if that is wrong.

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