The Health Journey Continues…

While completing the 80 Day Obsession program, I decided to revisit the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet and realized I’m eating foods that are “avoids” on that list for my blood type. It made me wonder if my results would have been different on the 80 Day Obsession program if I was 100% on that eating plan that was beneficial for my blood type and doing the workouts.

I have also decided to also do an allergy test for food and environmental items to see if I could be better at my diet and see if I could see what foods I really should not be eating and possibly was. I went into to an ENT on Friday, April 6th for an initial exam and was scheduled for the testing on Monday, April 9th.

I went in to have my testing done, all my vitals were taken and told as a warning if you go into Anaphylactic shock, they would need to inject me with an epee pen and call the EMTs to transport me to the hospital. My first thought was, I don’t want to know what I’m allergic to any more, I’m good. I figured okay well, least I am in good hands and the hospital is across the street. I signed the release and we set up for the first test.

The first test was on the forearms. A skin prick test, also called a puncture or scratch test, checks for immediate allergic reactions to as many as 40 different substances at once. This test is usually done to identify allergies to pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites and foods. You are asked to wait twenty minutes and not to itch the most annoying itch on your forearms as it could result in a false positive on the test. of course the most common side effect of skin testing is slightly swollen, red, itchy bumps (wheals). They measure these wheals, the larger the wheal and flare, the greater the sensitivity.

The second test was skin injection test. A test that uses a needle to inject a small amount of allergen extract just into the skin on your upper arm (intradermal test). The injection site is examined after about ten-fifteen minutes for signs of an allergic reaction. I was given forty tiny injections of what appeared to irritate my skin. I waited for ten minutes to measure again and to tell me a little of what measured larger than 7mm.

I kept thinking of those little candies on the paper is how my arms looked.

My positives were Candida (yeast), dust mites, some molds, trees (Palo Verde – so don’t like them and Chinese elm – we have one growing in our back yard), weeds, and cockroach.. All I could think of was she said cockroach. 🤢

I had a follow-up on Tuesday, April 10th to go over my full test results. The Dr. and I went over the again and told me how to handle my allergies for the environmental ones mostly. Avoid trees, weeds, do saline solution rinse when outside for a long period of time.

She then said that word “cockroach” again then asked “are you a coffee drinker?” Uh yeah coffee is life! ☕️ Welp, she advised me the FDA allows a certain amount of insects to be in our food. Ground coffee is the culprit.. Please, please, please buy whole beans and grind them yourself. We are going to do that from now on!

I went in for my blood test for food allergy, they took 3 vials – 8.5ml each so 24ml of blood. When I did a Food Safe Allergy test for food years ago they pricked my finger and took like 6 drops on a piece of paper. 🤔 This new test I did seems slightly more intense. Haha!

I’m still awaiting the full test results but I began eating the food allowed for my blood type and not eating the foods that were making me feel blah.. I’m feeling so good!

I finished 80 Day Obsession on Saturday, April 14, 2018. My final workout was Booty and I didn’t think I would cry after but as soon as Autumn did, it was over.

I finished strong and didn’t ever give into saying pineapples.

I cried again when lovey hugged me and said how proud of me he was that I finished. I really couldn’t have done this all without him. He meal prepped with me, made sure all containers are packed for the work day and that the living room was ready for my workouts. I couldn’t ask for a better kind, sweet and the most loving man as my support system. 💖

The Healthy Journey Is on!

If you asked me if I ate healthy, I would say of course but as I evaluated my food I was eating I knew I could do better.

My love and I started eating Gluten Free in February 2014 due to feeling blah after eating food with wheat in it. 🌾 He has a wheat sensitivity, my mom has celiacs and I was breaking out on my arms with a rash. We went cold turkey. Man, do I miss a good toasted flour tortilla with Ooey Gooey cheese in it though!

In March 2015, I started the program BeachBody, 21 Day Fix to keep me in check with portion control and working out. I continued to eat sensible but slacked off in the workouts after a little while. I did find new workouts on BeachBody on Demand and again got into a rhythm.

Sometime in 2017, I started removing foods that made me feel icky or gave me headaches. Red meat, eggs, mushrooms, and tomatoes (I do eat on occasion but the acid in them is bad). So there went my most favorite breakfast, chorizo and eggs and of course spinach and mushroom omelettes.. 🙁

In the Summer of 2017, BeachBody announced a new program was coming 80 Day Obsession! So we eat a balanced diet that is portion controlled on a timed nutrition plan and workout for 80 days, we didn’t count Sundays. Those were self-care day, massages, foam roll, stretch, epsom salt baths. I began with a the sneak peak of A Little Obsessed before Thanksgiving 2017.

January 15, 2018, I began the full program of 80 Day Obsession, it was a Monday holiday for me so perfect day to start. We had taken measurements, photos and meal prepped the day before so I was all set for success!

Phase 1 ended, February 11, 2018.

Phase 2 ended, March 11, 2018.

Phase 3 is over and we are in what they’ve named as Peak Week which will complete the full program. Such a happy sad moment. 🙂🙁

I have felt great, eat the correct food on time and workout each day, minus one day in Chicago when I happened to do over 20,000 steps and was exhausted from travel that day. And come on deep dish stuffed pizza was a must!

My next journey will be an allergy test and 80 Day Obsession results.

The Journey takes us to Chicago!

Thanks for joining on the new adventure!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

After six months of planning and wanting to visit Chicago for over five years, the dream comes true!

Friday, 3/2/2018 – The day is here – Our Flight to Chicago! We arrive and need to take the train – we have to take the blue line, transfer to the red line then walk to the hotel.



We get all checked into our hotel and decided to go get some groceries from Trader Joe’s to keep us on track for food. We like the stairs so as we head out, we pick the ones that were closer to our room and well I think we may have taken the ones that weren’t the regular ones, possibly the emergency exit. We see cool old bricks and then a pumpkin that has really seen better days.


After Trader Joe’s, we map out our walk to Navy Pier – we get a little turned around but found our way to early registration for the Chicago Heroes event. It’s not a vacation if there are no U-turns even on foot!


We search for Gluten Free Egg Free pizza but no luck so we resort to Chipotle. I was supposed to workout but after 20,000 steps, we were beat. 

Saturday, 3/3/2018 – We wake up and walk to breakfast at Eggsperience down the street because they have Gluten Free pancakes and waffles for lovey. They had a fruit option, yummy hash browns and chicken sausages for me.

 We set out to explore Chicago. We head towards Millennium Park, Cloud Gate – the bean and spend 3 1/2 hours wandering the Chicago Art Institute Museum.



 As we head back to our hotel we are thinking of deep dish pizza but haven’t found a place that is gluten free and doesn’t use eggs in their dough or has mushrooms. We get back to our room and start searching the inter-web. Find a place that has gluten-free deep dish stuffed pizza without mushrooms. So, we give them a call and see if they have any egg in their crust. They say no! Lovey notices that the pizza place is about 5 miles from our hotel. We discuss if we want to get a Lyft or Uber and then notice that they deliver. He gives them a call and ask them if they deliver to our area and they said yes. So, we happily choose the deep dish stuffed pizza that we want. We head down to the hotel fitness center to do our workouts because 1. I’m doing 80 Day Obsession Phase 2. We are about to eat Chicago deep dish stuffed pizza!!! We get back for the room and order our deliciousness for delivery. It says about an hour due to cook time and delivery. Loveys phone rings and we here “you order pizza?” “Yes, yes we did we’re coming downstairs!” We were sold and didn’t regret it especially after we worked out in the hotel fitness center to random kids and their parents watching me do A Cardio routine from the pool. 😳 We end up watching Chicago PD in Chicago that night. 😍 and another 20,000-step day.


 Sunday, 3/4/2018 – We wake up early and head to Eggsperience again because duh it was good! We head over to get my hairs did at DryBar as we have photo ops with the Hair Goddess herself Sophia Bush! I wanted simple and straight hair for the day!

 We make to the event – Joe and I keep joking around saying that Jesse or Paddy is going to make him faint and I’m just going to spew nonsense instead of appreciation for meeting them all.

1st Photo Op #Manstead – Torrey and Nick – they were so nice and made sure we didn’t blink in the photo! Torrey said “it looks like I’m holding our sign like a baby!” 

 Manstead (2).jpg

2nd Photo Op – #Burzek – Marina and Paddy – what can I say they were the sweetest and so fun together. We chatted about how we were from Phoenix area and happy for the cooler weather. They said they thought we’d be cold. I said we are but it’s nice to see a winter like area. We thought Marina blinked but nope we rocked the photo! 


3rd Photo Op – #Linstead – Sophia and Jesse – the one I was looking forward to most. I was worried I was going to freeze and not say anything but I managed to at least introduce myself and smile pretty for the picture. 


4th Photo Op – #Lingess – Sophia and Marina – they were chatting between photos and I patiently waited so not to interrupt them. Marina sees me and says “oh hey come on over!” I said “nice to see you two again.” We all smile like we haven’t seen each other in a whole hour. 🙂 We strike a pose and gratuitously thank them for the picture. I wait for the print and when it comes out, I noticed I blinked after rocking all the photos. I was so sad that the last one is not so pretty. I asked Joe “should I say something? I don’t know if they fix it.”  He said “yes, try and see if they’ll retake.” Marina noticed I was waiting to talk the volunteer and says “Oh no, what happened, is the pic okay?” I say “I blinked but don’t…” In unison Marina and Sophia say “come on we’ll retake it.” I see I’m about to go in front of another gal and said “are you sure, I don’t want to take up her time.” Marina says “Don’t worry, we got time, come over here, we’re glad to fix any photo.” We strike another pose and they say “wait for the pic to upload to make sure we all love it.” We do of course and them even more for being so sweet and lovely. 


As we wait for our Bonus of winning an autograph from Christian, Joe noticed LaRoyce was walking around chatting with fans, taking pics and giving autographs. He said I shook his hand, let’s go over and get a picture. We patiently wait as all the fans rush up and grab his attention. He turns to us and introduces himself and go to shake hands and he’s like no I’m a hugger. ☺️ I introduce myself and lovey Joe. I tell him “I’m not sure if you or Joe has longer arms to get a selfie and he’s said “I got longer arms than Joe, let’s do this.” We pose for a couple shots. We thank him and he says “no thank you for coming out to see me.” and tells Joe “you better take care of her, ok?” Obviously, Joe agrees because hello have you seen this man’s guns?! 💪🏾🤣


We have a little time before our Christian autograph so we go and snap some pictures of Molly the Fire Safety Dog with her cute red toes, she’s a sweetie! 💖🐶

 We see Christian walking down so we go get in line for our autograph. When we walk up he introduces himself and asks where we’re from. We chat for a few minutes about being from Phoenix and how he likes it but it’s too hot in the summer. We agree and thank him for his time. He says “thank you for coming here and supporting the shows. Enjoy Chicago and get home safe.” 


We wander back to the hotel and decide leftover chipotle and pizza will be a good choice since we don’t want to waste the food… 


Monday, 3/5/2018 – Wake up a little early as I know I need to get my workout in before we check out. Breakfast in the room and then we head down to the fitness center and happy we have the place to ourselves. We get ready to wander around before our evening flight. Check our bag at the hotel and head out. We wander around and end up at Stan’s Donuts to get Lovey a gluten free chocolate donut and some coffee to warm up. We head back to the Bean and around down town a bit. We head back towards our hotel and decide to have lunch at Weber Grill, yes like the Weber gas grills. It was a delicious turkey burger with coleslaw for Lovey and grilled chicken and veggies for me.


We head back to the hotel and request Lyft to pick us up. This text message came through “Your driver is deaf or hard of hearing. Please text them instead of calling and let them lead the way with communication. Enjoy your ride!” Oh boy at least he had the address already knew O’Hare was our destination.


On the ride over we notice it started to snow a little and we’re glad we are in the car and only have to get inside the terminal. After we get through the fast security check where we didn’t have to take our shoes off or anything out of our bags, we wander around a bit and find our gate. We get to stare out of the window at the snow. Our flight keeps getting delayed so we keep pacing around to get more steps. We finally get to take off an hour and a half late due to the weather storms on the northeast. We get home around 2am and are so thankful to have the next day off to recover. 


We miss Chicago already and look forward to going back as soon as we can. 💙🐻