Surprise Motherhood journey

Welp it’s been over two years since I posted and still not sure where the time went.

I know Covid has a big spot in all our lives but now I’m more vigilant for keeping safe since we have two beautiful twin boys born in August of 2022. YES, you read that correctly – TWIN BOYS! It’s also taken me about 5 months to settle in and collect my thoughts and everything that’s happened since finding out we were having bebes!

This time last year we had no idea we were even pregnant, let alone twins were on the way to us. Honestly we tried for about a year and had resigned to the fact maybe bebes were not in our future. I have to say I absolutely loved being pregnant. We got a positive over the counter test on February 1st, an ultrasound on February 3rd, We had announced on Good Friday going into Easter weekend of this little miracle. I rarely had any morning sickness and feeling these Bebes grow and move around was one of the best feelings. I am high risk not only due to my age (Advance Maternal age is what they call it now) but my auto-immune disease that I have. We were excited but also worried about every test, ultrasound and appointment to hear their heartbeats. They had several ultrasounds to check growth, a fetal echogram, an anatomy scan with a Perinatal Dr. All appointments went well and these little babes were growing.

In June, at 28 weeks pregnant, I had tripped, fallen and went down with my belly hitting the sidewalk. We were taken to the hospital to examine the Bebes heartbeats, movements, if I was having contractions and an ultrasound to see if they appeared to have any injuries. That was the worst 6 hours of our lives at the time. All was well with me and them but the feeling of them being hurt has really stuck with us.

All appointments seemed to progress well and these Bebes were growing well, we had a plan of 38 weeks and even pre-registered with the hospital for delivery. We even packed our hospital bags and took them to each appointment just in case.

At 35 weeks, I was 3 cms but the dr wasn’t worried as you can be dilated for a few weeks before birth. Well at 37 week, 2 days we went in for a regular checkup, ultrasound and a non-stress test (NST). At the ultrasound the office told us they didn’t do NST’s for twins there so we would have to go to the hospital for that and decided to do a pelvic check out and I was at 5cm already. I was having slight cramping that felt like annoying period cramps. Uh no I was in active LABOR. Well there went the birth plan of 38 weeks and the possibility of a c-section was more real as bebe B was and always had been breach. We were admitted as by the time we got to the hospital around 1:30pm, contractions were 4-5 mins apart, steady and I was 6cms. I’m not sure when but they had started Pitocin, given my an IV of antibiotics as I was positive for strep b, I think the epidural was in by 7:30pm and around 8pm they gave more Pitocin, I was at 7cm and my water broke by 8:30pm. By 9:30pm we were being moved to the OR for delivery.

Did you know they play music in the OR? We didn’t but it was cool to know that “Take on Me” by Ah-Ha was playing during their arrival which was vaginally, with lots of cheering from Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Cheng, Nurse Liz and a whole team in the OR. Bebe A came out after I pushed a few times, Bebe B was taken out by Dr Jenkins reaching in and pulling him out feet first, my husband was able to cut both umbilical cords and announce their gender. We never found out their gender until they were born.

Bebe A – Michael Rene was born at 10:08pm weighing 5 lbs, 10oz and 18.5 inches long. Bebe B – Christopher John was born at 10:12pm weighing 4lbs,8 oz and 17.3 inches long.

And just like that we Bounce Forward into Parenthood.

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