Parenthood Thoughts

Cherish the moments even the tough ones because it’s proof you can conquer it all.

Set boundaries and your priorities early.

You may get shamed for your choices or how you do things. Stick to your boundaries and do what you feel is best.

Nap when they nap is such great advice if you don’t mind not eating, showering, going pee, having clean clothes and dishes.

Some days feel like the longest that will never end.

Some days feel like they go way too fast.

You will feel like you are not able to tackle the challenges but breathe through and you will.

You will get frustrated with the crying and just know it will get easier but if you can’t handle it, ask for help or set the Bebe safely in their crib and walk away to take a breath.

It will feel Ike a guessing game when feeding them if you don’t have help with the amounts they should be taking in. Example when asked how much the pediatrician said they’ll cry when hungry and will let you know if it’s too much when they spit up.

You will more than likely break all the “rules” of no co-sleeping even just for an hour or two as that’s the only way they’ll sleep. Try to be mindful of their safety but if they sleep then do it anyways.

You’re sad because the time is so fast, You’re sad because the time is so slow, yet every smile or giggle makes all the sad disappear.

You will feel like your body has failed you when you can’t make enough milk for your bebes. It did not.

You will forget the last time you showered or brushed your teeth. At least brush your teeth once a day and change into clean Pjs.

You will most likely fall asleep feeding but your reflexes seem to be cat like.

Drink lots of water & eat balanced meals. Friends sending meals, family making you meals, 40oz water bottle and prepared meals from Costco are live savers.

People will stop checking in on you but try not to take it personally, we all have busy lives, they may think we don’t need it anymore but it’s nice to be checked on.

You may have feelings of wanting to go back to work or you may have feelings that there is no way you want that old job.

Give yourself grace.

You are exactly what your Bebe needs

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